Abiodun Oguntuase
University of Ibadan

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The Cultural Festivity in Oyin Akoko

This book reflects, in details, the prominent cultural festivals in Oyin Akoko ( a village within the pluralism of Nigerian ethnicity). This part of the socio-cultural life of the people of Oyin is one which will incite the interests of readers, especially, those that place value on culture and civilization. There is a festival called Aso-Egbe which litrerally means relinguishing of status within a highly structured age-grade system. This festival is so unique in its component cultural and ritualistic events, particularly, as it has a strong link with immortalizing a set of ancestral war-lords. "Awanha", as it's locally called, is another festival which must be observed by a particular street (Igonu street) before the planting of yams, or else a terrible harvest will be inevitable. Yet another festival described in this book is that of "Egungun"(the mascquerade). Although it's not an uncommon feature in Yoruba culture, yet it possesses and displays some uncommon features which are found lackng in other Egungun festivals.The three categories of Eguns described are "Igbede" (which women traditionally forbid seeing), "Olobo" (which, with respect to their interaction with women, are contrary to "Igbede"), and "Eesu" (which nobody, including those that carry it, dare peep at). The last festival described in this book is called "Iwuye". This has to do with all activities and rites that are associated with the conferment of chieftaincy titles in the village.