Frequently Asked Questions by Presenters

(1) When are completed papers for the conference due?

You can submit at any time, but the due date is two months before the Conference, to allow for exchange
of ideas and to start the editorial and selection process. If a full paper is not available, a short summary will
be accepted, although this may affect the decision to publish.

(2) To whom do we submit them to?

To me, preferably as an email attachment. Please attach/submit your article in MS Word format. You can also
submit your chapter on a Zip disk. If this is not possible, floppy disks are accepted, but it is suggested that
a second floppy with a backup copy of your chapter be employed.
PS: Remember to follow the style sheet: Do it now, since you will do it anyway!

(3) Is it likely that the chairs will provide feedback?

Yes, and they will be involved in the selection process.

(4) What is the estimated waiting period from the end of conference to decision to publish?

Two Months.

You will be informed by May if you paper will be published. The decision will be based on the quality of your paper
and the opinions of the two readers. We already have publishers committed to publishing the best papers.