Catherine Coquery-Vidrovitch, French Professor emeritus of African modern History

"my thinking is that probably our makings are different from those of the white people"

This is a question of History and culture, not of color, for all people of the same color have not necessarily the same culture. The fact is that most people living in Africa are black, but not all !! Besides, African American people have an African origin, but an American (African American) culture, which is a result of a given history, and which is not the same as for Africans living in Africa, and not the same as Carribean people living in their islands; and Carribean people (like other people) are very mixed, with plenty of varied colors! The only (but very important indeed) common point is that for centuries, all these very diverse black people had to live facing the Western people's despise, enslavement, colonialism, etc. Other aspects than color have to be taken into account (class, gender, etc.).