Adu Boahen recieves five million cedis & citation
Accra, Aug. 13, GNA- Professor Emeritus Albert Adu Boahen, NPP presidential candidate in the 1992 General Election, was on Saturday presented with five million cedis and a citation.

The amount and citation of valour, leadership and patriotism was in appreciation of the role he played in the 1990s in fighting against the dictatorship of the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC). Mr Johnny Hansen first national vice Chairman of the erstwhile Movement for Freedom and Justice (MFJ), who read the extract, said:

"Prof. Adu Boahen is indeed one of Ghana's foremost heroes in contemporary history. He ought, therefore, to be honored and so we do."

Mr Hansen recited the citation and presented the money to Mrs Mary Adu Boahen, who received the amount on behalf of her Husband, Prof. Boahen, who was also leader of the erstwhile MFJ, at the 37 military Hospital in Accra.

Some members of the defunct movement went there to pay a visit to Prof. Boahen who has been admitted at the military health institution for two years now, to mark the 15 anniversary of the erstwhile MFJ and to demonstrate their solidarity with him.

Mr Hansen said: " a country that does not honour its heroes is not worth dying for. Ghana honours its heroes is worth dying for." The citation also read: " your compatriots, especially we members of the erstwhile movement salute you. Posterity will forever remember the noble heroic role you played in the fight to establish a democratic society in Ghana."

Mr Johnny Hansen, giving the background to the formation of the defunct MFJ, said the group mobilized Ghanaians to resist by democratic means attempts by former President Rawlings, (who was Chairman of the PNDC) to transform themselves piecemeal into a pseudo legitimate government of the people.

Mr Johnny Hansen, said the MFJ demanded an unconditional restoration of democratic, constitutional and civilian government for Ghana.

He recounted that the struggle was tough and dangerous as that was the period when most Ghanaians were not prepared to whisper their dissenting views even in the secrecy of their homes.

Mr Hansen said Prof. Boahen and the members of MFJ, nonetheless, endured and ultimately triumphed and Rawlings and the PNDC were compelled by various circumstances to restore the country to constitutional rule in 1993.

Mr Hansen said with this restoration, some MFJ members took the back stage whilst others pursued active roles in political parties that emerged.

He said Prof. Adu Boahen bore the flagship of the current NPP during the campaign that led to the 1992 presidential elections. Mrs. Mary Adu Boahen who received the citation said: " I accept this for my husband and I thank the group for the kind gesture and for remembering my husband for what he did for the country and for the solidarity shown to him in his current situation. The wife of Prof Boahen commended the hospital staff for being kind and helpful to the husband.

Mr Kwame Annoh Wiafe, Executive member of the group appealed to Ghanaians stand behind Prof. Boahene in his time of sickness. General News of Saturday, 13 August 2005