Two commentators take issues with Ayittey's writing:

"Ayittey, please tell me, with all honesty, why you constantly downplay "slavery, colonialism, artificial borders, and Western imperialism" for Africa's woes. As an economist/a scientist, you, more than the casual observer, knows very well about causality, no?"
Abdul Bangura, political scientist

"I cannot write a rejoinder to Ayittey. It is a waste of intellectual time. He is not open-minded. My view is for us to concentrate our efforts to construct the intellectual foundation that will guide the building of successful institution of the African Union. This foundation must arise from Africa's cognitive traditions. I suppose, I should shift the locus of the discussions. We must reclaim Africa and her stolen intellectual and cultural legacies...Thank you for the work that you are doing."
Kofi Kissi Dompere, Economist, Howard University