President Clinton Launches tuition-free Online Education for Africa in Ottawa

President Bill Clinton will serve as keynote speaker for the gala launch of Professeurs pour la liberté (PPL) on October 18, 2005. A powerful figure in the nonprofit world, the former president has used his considerable clout to boost selected idealistic endeavours. He is particularly keen to encourage young people to serve their communities. He’s also known to choose his projects carefully – Clinton is not afraid to decline projects which do not spark his imagination.

Professeurs pour la liberté draws much of its power from the energy and enthusiasm of youth. PPL offers scholarships to young people from around the world to deliver tuition-free online education to the African continent. The program builds synergy by blending donated course material and recycled technology from developed nations with the idealism and adventurousness of youth.

Clinton says that dedicating a great deal of his life to public service is exactly what he should do. "I'm young and healthy… I was given the life of my dreams. I got to be president. I loved it every day. So I ought to be doing this."

President Clinton was drawn to the grassroots nature of Professeurs pour la liberté. Traditional aid aims to orchestrate blindly from afar. PPL delivers real facilitators, onsite, in Africa, to real recipients. These helpers will work to develop the online infrastructure, and to assist and encourage African students to learn.

Day by day, student by student, village by village, PPL will build a powerful force of African students – a new force of educated, enlightened leaders.

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