Bolaji Aluko of Howard University says that Ayittey should be left alone:

Ayittey is an Afro-pessimist!  Ayittey is truthful !  Ayittey is this, Ayittey is that!
Malcolm X was once asked by a reporter, "Do you consider yourself militant?", to which he replied, in his inimitable manner:  "I consider myself Malcolm!"
So Ayittey is Ayittey, and those who have a different view and modus operandi from him should go ahead and do so and let him be.
Honestly, I tire of a number of Ayittey "groupies" who go from forum to forum to heckle him and to diagnose his every word.  The man is doing what he knows best and how, and he does not stop others from doing their own thing.
That is my view, and I am sticking with it.