Christine M.Wallace
Professor of Healthcare and
Organizational Leadership
College of Professional Studies
The University of St. Francis
500 Wilcox St.
Joliet, IL 60435

As a woman who is seen as white (due to my Irish ancestry) but who also
holds the blood of those of the First Nation (Canadian Native American)
I have had the great opportunity to work with many African Americans in
my life. As the only "white" woman in a practice of multi-cultural
therapists I saw the subtle and not so subtle ugly head of racism and
discrimination that other therapists in my practice dealt with on a
daily basis. It was an opportunity to open my eyes to things I would
not have seen otherwise. One of these women became a mentor in my life
and our friendship continues to this day. Without her I would probably
not see things with the same set of eyes. I have been appalled at what
has happened in New Orleans and could not help but feel that these
things would not be happening if the population of that area was mostly
white and influential. Instead, some of the poorest of the poor in this
country have been left with virtually no resources and then demonized
because they are acting or reacting to this stress in a way that "white"
people deem unacceptable. I am appalled at the new reporting and
support the mayor of New Orleans in his anger and outrage.

I have taught my children to look at the injustices that are levied
upon people of color and to be outraged by the cries of a country who
yells, "all men are created equal" when that has become only rhetoric.

I teach students to seek to understanding, insight and work for
justice. If you can offer more that I can do to make real change, I
will work in that direction. I have tried to support people of color,
but since I am not an African-American I know it may come off as "such
another white-do gooder".
I am open to your thoughts and I support the article and will pass it

Christine Wallace

"Our first priority should be to prepare
a long-term strategy for improving the
state of the world that focuses on
coming generations".
His Holiness the Dalai Lama