Dr. Tunde Bewaji poses some questions

After reading Professor Onyeani's piece below, I ask myself:

a) If the facts of the genesis of Katrina is as recounted, what is the connection between the facts and the conclusion that it is the much detested "black mentality" that is responsible for the fate of the blacks in New Orleans, and the response of Africana peoples to the suffering of their kind?

b) If say Republic of South Africa has offered to send members of its armed forces to help evacuate persons in New Orleans, would the great USA government have allowed that - giving all the security issues of admitting foreign forces into America?

c) Does Professor Onyeani not see that it is more to the lethargic response by official America to New Orleans than going to the Pacific to rescue brownies from Tsunami?

d) If Africana rich persons do not fund researches that will benefit Africana bases - like in harnessing the abundant solar power in Africa or developing means of reclaiming the Kalahari or Sahara - why would they now fund the relocation of Social Welfare dependent persons in New Orleans?

e) Could it be possible that New Orleans was left to a fate worse than Bagdad on the aftermath of the "Shock and Awe" to get rid of the poor coloureds - at least reduce by natural means the "breedapestilentitis" of the black population so that they do not become 100% instead of just 70% within the next 20 years?

I do not have the answers to these matters, but while we are rethinking these matters, we need to individually ask ourselves: how much of what we have now do we set aside for the hurricane days that are ahead? That is, either for ourselves or for others.