Rosemary Danesi [University of Illinois, College of Law, Urbana Champaign] responds to No. 1155

From the moment the white man "discovered" Africa he
had always felt that the black man was inferior to
him. And this belief has been carried on from
generation to generation from the time of slavery
through the period of colonisation and now. Sometimes
one wonders why this belief still persists. The reason
is not far-fetched. If the African leaders have had
good and positive visions of developing the continent
by educating their people, ensuring that the
continents vast natural resources were harnessed for
the proper development of their people, then today the
white man will not feel superior to the black man. The
white man does not have superior intelligence, but a
better opportunity and an enabling environment to
excell. Anytime the black man gets the same
opportunity a white man gets, he does excellently well
and even better than the white man a lot of times.
This problem is not only in Africa but the whole of
the third world. If only we could get sincere, and
purposeful leadership in the third world, then things
will be better for everyone of us, and we may not need
to be out here struggling to survive. But at the same
time we may ask what about the blacks born here who
are supposed to be citizens of the U.S. and Britain,
who know no other place? Britain is supposed to be
their home and they are supposed to be integrated into
the society and claim their rights as citizens.
About terrorism, it is not synonymous to Islam. One
man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. A
group of people don't just go about killing for no
reason. When Israel commits acts of terrorism nobody
calls it terrorism, because they control America and
Britain. Isreal in my opinion practices state
terrorism, but everyone closes his eyes to it as if it
is okay. This does not mean that iam justifying
terrorism. It is just the truth. The U.S and Britain
should condemn terrorism in all its ramification and
condemn Israel too when they commit acts of terrorism.

Racial killings must be condemned. The people who do
this killings are criminals and must be brought to
book no matter what. Because anybody who deprives
other people their right to existence does not deserve
to live too.