Bayo Omolola, Baltimore City Community College, Baltimore, MD

Professor Akinwumi Isola, a prolific African writer (he writes in Yoruba), presents the difficulty of leaders in sanitizing any corrupt-ridden society such as Nigeria where criminals could go to any extent to thwart the effort any leader with good intentions (Obasanjo sounds so) might put in place. Like Mako, a major character, experiences in "Koseegbe," President Olusegun Obasanjo, expectedly, could face big challenges that would make him look like any coin with two faces, the type that would give two different (if you like, say conflicting) images at the same time.

Nigerians are lucky that they can read about almost everything that people do or did not do worldwide. Reading about the like of governors (looters), pampered children of highly placed Nigerians, businessmen with clandestine and 419 intentions and acts, and people with other nefarious acts calls the attention of all reasonable people to the need to purify and set Nigeria on the right track.

While ruminating upon how best to go about putting all the "wrongs" in Nigeria right, we should be careful in making any hasty conclusion about the sincerity of President Olusegun Obasanjo's sincerity in fighting "corrupt practices" in Nigeria. At the moment, we should encourage him so that we have the opportunity to hear and know more about how Nigerian rich people make their money through their access to the government's treasury.

I feel it is good that the purchase of an expensive building by Obasanjo's son has drawn the attention of the world to President Obasanjo and his family at the time when President Obasanjo and Governor Kalu are embroiled in a war of words ( corruption-connected conflict). If the building was bought with illegal money, Nigeria has the right , even if Obasanjo would not like it, to hold the said son (the purchaser) accountable in a rational way to Nigerians and the world.

Nigerians require patience at the moment, so that they can defend their democracy. Defending democracy is defending their constitution and creating an opportunity to expose corrupt people and bringing them to justice. If people react, without caution, to the news of anything that has to do with "stealing" when people use any means to get to their political target, they might make a wrong decision and create more problems in the way they think and handle issues relating to their country. Nigeria is ours, and we all need to take caution and do things in a way that will not retard her progress. That Obasanjo's son bought an expensive house in USA should not block out thinking from seeing the president as a strong fighter against the endemic corrupt practice in Nigeria. We should support him and allow his fighting against corruption to expose all corrupt people (Obasanjo included if he has enriched himself at the expense of the masses).