Bayo Omolola, Baltimore City Community College, Baltimore, MD

The voice that spoke
And broke chains;
Bala, son of Musa!
The strong man that bent the bones of reckless power;
Bala, son of Musa!
Wherever you're;
Lend me your ears:
Across the length and breadth of Nigeria
The wave of your voice wrestles with oppressors.
Unequivocal bearer of clear messages against exploiters;
Bala, the boiling water in the throats of wicked leaders;
Bala, the loved one among the downtrodden masses.
Son of Musa, the bigger-than-enigmatic regimes of oppressors
The lone voice even when other voices mellowed on both sides of River Niger!
Musa, the bulldozer that clears the way of insanity and
Where corruption settles.

Musa, the angry voice against military junta;
Musa; the kicker of ineligible governments;
Scholar who does not take indecent cola-nuts
Where multitude tread on the corrupt soil and get stained.
One man - bigger than many;
Indelible ink on the track of honesty;
Erudite scholar with big boiler;
He who opens mouths and throws venom on spoilers in Nigeria.
The indigo bird,
Where is your dye when you're dead?
The fearless fighter;
The one that masses see and smile
And have hope.
Bala; son of Musa,
Wake up!
Masses are in danger
As Nigeria drifts in corruption;
As voices of division take giant steps further
Even when the artificial slogan of unity echoes every second.
Bala, wake up!
Open your eyes and look:
Masses suffer more than they did in the previous years!
You voice alone is a voice for all in bondage.
Wake up!
Wake up!
Wake up!
Your voice is freedom for all!
Wake up!
Wake up!
Wake up!