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Sisay Asefa

I thought President Obasango has more sense than that. Let us hope he faces free elections when his term ends. Now, he is sounding like another African dictator, who despise social science desciplines and want their people to be trained only natural science and technology. The reality is they end up doing none of both.

Jacqueline Brannon Giles
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This article is good. I feel, however, that sociology and mass communications must be augmented with more excellent simulation models, forecasting and other areas. Consider the real dynamics of what has happened during the two recent hurricanes in the Gulf Coast. A number of sociological issues will soon emerge in the Gulf Coast and who are those professionals who thoroughly understand those issues?

Furthermore, if you flipped television channels during the episode of Hurricane Rita you heard conflicting reports on what to do and when to do it. There was a real life communications problem and it caused stress and problems!!!

So, in Nigeria, the most populous African country, would the leadership understand the sociological and communications issues that would arise if a national, regional or coastal emergency arose?

Thus, I believe these disciplines can have merit if they are strengthened with risk management and other models or simulations to understand human behavior under the stress of national, regional, or coastal emergencies.