Chieke Ihejirika
Dept of History and PoliticalScience
Lincoln University, PA.

The problem with people like President Obasanjo and those who agree with his simplistic and hypocritical analysis of our national problem is that they fail to see the fact that Obasanjo has been at the center stage of this country more than anyone else in our history.The president and his cronies are busy hijacking our national resources for themselves and using the left over in paying office holders and maintaining a bloated state, while the masses are abandoned in penury. I have become absolutely impatient with those who are truly the problem of our country but go around talking nonsense as if the rest of us have no brains.

If Obasanjo knows the problems of our development why can't he deal with them faithfully and consistently. He is an executive president in a one party state. So far he has failed woefully. We have no power after tens of billions of naira had been squandered in the pretext to provide power. No roads after shocking sums have also been looted for that purpose. Our people cannot go from one part of the country to another safely while they are busy stealing the revenue from excess crude. The rail system we have is the one the British built. For instance, Obasanjo could simply link all the thirty-six state capitals and Abuja by rail as the only thing he did for Nigeria and that would be a lasting legacy by any standard. I don't even know where to begin and when to end the litany of this government's failures. It is simply shocking.

If we don't have enough doctors and engineers and other scientists in Nigeria as Obsanjo is arguing why is he not investing the money from Abacha's loot in medical education, not to talk of the billions from excess crude and foreign reserve. Does Obsasnjo know that the most competitive departments in our universities are medicine and allied disciplines? Nigeria is so blessed that human resources can never be the problem except that extraordinarily foolish people who claim to be her leaders have made a pact with the devil to sabotage the Nigerian project. We have enough people and enough resources to train enough doctors, engineers, trashmen or what ever we have need of. It is not a zero sum game. It is only a gross failure of leadership.

My advise is that our intellectuals should stop given their tacit approvals to the evils these pseudoleaders are orchestrating against Nigeria. I do not see any redemption for these kleptocrats who have stunted our national growth, while developing their potbellies. They must be condemned in unison by all who know and care about our beloved home land.