Ndubisi Obiorah, the Nigerian-based attorney,  calls for laughter, as many others think that the contributions thus far are leading us, (to quote Professor Emeagwali)  " on the path of academic clarity and clarification not rancor..... This is a sign of  Falola's brilliance."

Not holding brief for Philip Iloegbunam [who I am sure
can more than hold his own] but I read his comments as
a jocular attempt to winkle the cryptic Prof. Falola
out of his cyber-shell and to elicit his personal
views on the diverse issues raised in the course of
this stimulating dialogue. I also understood the
reference to 'academic sadism' and 'trouble making' as
being in a lighter vein. In any case, Africana
academia certainly has its uses for troublemakers.
Witness the flurry of email each time Ayittey
discharges a broadside.

I sincerely hope this dialogue does not become so
intense that we lose our sense of humour. In sum,
let's lighten up!

On a similarly jocular note, I humbly beg to move that
we henceforth deny Ayittey (alias Baba Mzuri aka Baba Mzonga of
Bonga-bongaland) any further infusions of the oxygen of
publicity which his deliberately strident language in
characterizing Africa's travails tends to generate -
much to his immense private pleasure. The chair at
American U and the Wall Street Journal column plus
the most recent honours are more than sufficient
recompense for his labours.