From: Myrna Santiago <msantiag@STMARYS-CA.EDU>

FYI. The following took place at SFSU. Please help, if you can.

Last night around 11:30pm, Professor of Africana Studies, Dr. Akom was
arrested on campus coming out of his office in the Ethnic Studies
building, where he had gone to retrieve a book for his class. He was
approached by a San Francisco State Officer, who never once asked to
see his faculty ID but told him to put his hands behind his back. Dr.
Akom declined, asked why, and yet the officer proceeded to restrain
him. After a small scuffle, the police officer knocked his head on Dr.
Akom's knee, started bleeding and called for back up. When the other
two officers arrived Dr. Akom was charged with resisting arrest and
assaulting a police officer and is now in the San Francisco County
Jail. His bail is well over $50,000, but no one is sure why he was even
arrested in the first place, nor has he been told.

This act is an act of racism committed on our campus by our own police
officers. I am hoping we as students can get together and start
informing people that what is going on is unjust and wrong. Please
call, email, go to these peoples offices and demand justice for Dr.
Akom. Ask questions, try to get some answers...

Robert Corrigan, President <>
Ken Monteiro, Acting Dean of Ethnic Studies
<> 415-338-1693
Dorothy Tsuruta, Chair of Africana Studies
<> 415-338-2352
DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY (University Police) 415-338-2623,
415-338-3068, 415-338-3069, 415-338-2747