Dr. Tunde Bewaji, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy,
University of the West Indies

Hey, what is all this fuss about? Get real brethren and sistren!

I do not know why any one finds this "discovery" interesting in the first place. I dare any one, I mean ANY ONE, whether in government or outside, in Nigeria or outside of Nigeria, to tell the world how many BARRELS of CRUDE is lifted from Nigeria daily!

Some 10 years ago, or so, there was a Major Mohamed, in charge of a task force to supervise the Oil Lifting in Nigeria. He went to the Riverine areas, met a stone wall, bawled out about the shadiness of the business. What happened to him. I believe he was sent on a course in USA or some other funny place. All expenses paid, plus salary, etc, etc, etc. Simply remove him from front line - argument done, matter forgotten, problem resolved - because he was from a powerful elite family and could not just disappear without serious consequences to the leadership who made the mistake in the first place of putting him in charge of such a sensitive mess! Awh!

Nigeria owes debt, no one knows how much! Nigeria exports oil, but no one knows how many BARRELS! Does this sound familiar? And then we are told that there is brain drain, why would there not be brain drain if only for your sanity to still be yours? And who is to say what would happen if you remain - some illness, some fake Indian drug, and kaput, just like that, another statistic; God forbid you be ill in Nigeria!

At the end of the day, we hear of Curruption Eradication! How can the problem be the solution? We hear of negotiations to pay of debt! How can a bankrupting group, fawning to every imaginable megalomanica like starting a private University, honestly help in resolving the debt problem? We hear of many fanciful things which mean NOTHING to any one - at least, it meant nothing to the government which does not care, and it means nothing to the poor Nigerians, who are now regarded as the second poorest people on planet EARTH! Strange? No! Remember the wasting generation? Remember the same generation has refused to go? And where would we find successors from a society whose consciousness has been so bastardized? Have a discourse with the young now, and all you hear is the alarming bells of their wait to have their snout in the trough! Ooops! Sad, it is beyond mere SCANDAL - Nigeria is lost beyond redemption.

Fortunately, I hear that Babangida is waiting in the wings to bring salvation! Hola!

Anyway, aluta coninua, victoria uncertain!

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