Steve U. Nwabuzor analyzes the Obasanjo regime:

It is déjà vu all over again. Wisdom of the ages informs that whatever is hatched in the secret and dark places will one day see the light of day. For more than five years, the ship of the Nigerian State has been drifting. Nigerians were bombarded with presidential pontifications of how well the polity is faring. The translation of a prisoner awaiting the hangman's noose to the presidency is normally an incident that births legends. Such individuals recap their dalliance with death and deprivation while in incarceration pledging silently to improve the society in which they live. 

Stage-managing of the 1999 and 2003 elections is now bearing fruits, evident by the sustained destabilization efforts of some criminals on governance in Anambra State. The 2003 election was to be a watershed for the PDP-led government under whose reins, in the previous four years, religious intolerance, political assassinations, massive bloodletting and poverty underwent geometric progressions. Effectually, it was to be a knell that would forever banish mediocrity and non performance. New parties were registered and all hands appeared on deck to usher in a new era in civilized politicking.  Genuine apostles of democracy were out in full gear and those who fought to truncate military tyranny believed that four years was enough to transit into real democracy. 

Religious leaders prayed for smooth and transparent elections. Later developments have since revealed that the Luciferic agents were the victors in the 2003 elections and that the Nigerian people have been hoodwinked by the current PDP government of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. But the Lord has assured that justice will be done. He will scatter their plans and all eyes shall behold the reward of the wicked. Never mind the Pharisaic posturing of the current Aso-Rock occupant who has been made to eat his own words in a dramatic way. Where are the Owu qualities of 'service, humility and transparency' in Chief Olusegun Obasanjo's government vis-à-vis the handling of the Uba-Ngige saga? 

This writer once wrote in a piece "Court and Center in League with Anambra Felons" Nigeriaworld (07/21/2003): that "The theatrics being displayed in Anambra, to the shock and displeasure of the nation, is a microcosm of the endemic deceit prevalent within the current political and judicial class." 

Under tremendous pressure imposed by Chief Audu Ogbeh's letter of concern, the president responded, in a 14-page letter, revealing that the Anambra 2003 election was rigged to favor Ngige!  Though one is not a lawyer by profession, it is logical to infer that the presidential election was also rigged in Anambra to favor the president since the gubernatorial and presidential elections took place on the same day. Is the latter not circumstantial evidence?  Has the president upheld the constitution that he swore to uphold in not referring the matter to the judicial tier of government?

Consequence of this unfolding and sordid scenario is the information that the president has always stood in the way of Ngige's nomination in the past for ministerial position because the latter was a staunch supporter of Chief Alex Ekwueme for the presidential nomination of the PDP? Again, this would probably explain why Uba is enjoying larger than life powers in Anambra (with all the police protection and security details), and why Anambra state appears to be inflicted with a higher degree of political vendetta? The trio, namely President OBJ, Uba and Ngige, are fully aware of the disgusting plot which stole the legitimate mandate of the Anambra electorate and by extension of Nigerian voters, hence the constant failed political solutions episodically embarked upon by the president and the PDP high command.

The self-destruct has started and ad-hoc solutions are now under way to smother the ghoulish revelations promised by Governor Dariye of Plateau State, Orji Kalu of Abia and others within the PDP. Little wonder that Dariye's suspension from the PDP has been lifted. A scratch-my-back, I'll scratch your back type of agreement!

Evidently, Nigerians are constantly taken for a ride by the self-imposed politicians whenever there is crack within their ranks. The current developments should be pursued to its logical and legal conclusion by well-meaning Nigerians. The issues at stake are very fundamental to the political process that it cannot be left with the PDP to resolve. Nigerians have been robbed in broad daylight by shameless robbers in the PDP. They should not be allowed to enjoy their illegitimate hold on power. This is where the Buhari suit comes in handy. Irrespective of our distaste for Buhari's fanatical Islamic tendency, his case on electoral fraud against the President should be supported by honest seekers of a better country.

Finally, let the chips fall where they may, Nigeria needs leaders that are on the level with the people. We have had enough of these despicable, hypocritical and bare-faced liars in high places. A country can never move forward when justice is suppressed. 419 in government should not be tolerated.  The current leadership has lost any moral grounds to rule the country, bravado notwithstanding. Obasanjo has compromised with evil and cannot be taken seriously anymore. The pride as nationals is further dented when illegitimate leaders publicly declare that the electioneering process which supposedly swept them into power, was a sham for they rub salt on injury.  No wonder they do not uphold the constitution they swore to uphold. Nigerians wake up and smell the coffee!