Dr KOFI KISSI DOMPERE, co-author of, Epistemics of Development Economics: Towards a Methodological Critique and Unity comments on No. 106. For the archives of the series, see http://www.utexas.edu/conferences/africa/ads/155.html

Thanks to you and all the participants on the discussions to move Africa's development forward. My view is simply without a structured theoretical foundation that provides a road map of rationality and epistemic structure of individual and collective choice-decision activities, all these discussions become loaded with ideological sentiments rather than scientific and logical understanding of Africa's difficulties and global constraints. Keep in mind that human history is nothing more than an enveloping of success-failure processes of decision-choice activities in all dimensions of human endeavor. The decision-choice activities are defined in the cost-benefit space. Development is of the people and by the people; peace is created by the people and for the people and the progress of life is the reflection of the resultant of the success-failure process in the decision-choice space. Progress through self-reliance requires that Africans accept the cost that will generate the benefit. To understand the nature of the problem and the philosophical implications of development locked in theoretical structures, I recommend the book to the discussants and the readers.