A number of contributors said that Dr. K. K. Dompere's submission (No. 160) lacks comprehension. Here is one remark from Edward Kissi
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Kofi Kissi Dompere's posting is an example of what is wrong with some of Africa's intellectuals. I would have liked to see Dr. Kissi-Dompere explain, in very simple terms, to the non-economists on the net what he means by "scientific and logical understanding of Africa's difficulties."  I would have benefited from some specific examples from him about what constitutes a "scientific" and "logical"  understanding of a problem? Rather, in a very complex and convoluted sentence construction, he refers his readers  to his book so that they can "understand the nature of the problem and the philosophical implications of development locked in theoretical structures."  What does this long phrase mean? What is the good Dr  trying to communicate that he cannot express in a simple and straightforward manner?. Some say you can imagine the contents of a book by its cover. If  I could not understand the thrust of  the brief posting he sent, because of the rigid prose in which it was cast, why  would I care to read his book?
My "name-sake",  I am a historian and can you please explain to me what you mean by this:
"human history is nothing more than an enveloping of success-failure processes of decision-choice activities in all dimensions of human endeavor."
Can you make it simpler? When I get on the net on everyday, I pray that I would  learn something. I do not have to agree with the views expressed,  but if I can understand what has been written  and follow the author's argument, I can learn a lot. And I have learnt a lot  from many of the postings I have read. I have tried very hard to understand yours, but I have not been able to understand it. Please can you make your ideas and writing accessible, at the very least, to the hundreds of your fellow scholars on the net.