Here is an official invitation from the The Federal Government of Nigeria requesting your contribution to development by joining the Nigerian National Volunteer Service:

        Since 2000, when President Olusegun Obasanjo met with Nigerians in Atlanta and later in London, the Federal Government has been encouraging Nigerians abroad to be actively involved in the development process in Nigeria.  This was what informed its support for the establishment of the Nigerians in the Diaspora Organisation (NIDO) which is embedded in the Nigerian National Volunteer Service (NNVS).  NIDO which is conceived as a veritable vehicle for the mobilization of Nigerians abroad for development process at home, was set up to ensure proper liaison, coordination of the efforts of the Nigerians in the diaspora and to tap from their abundant talents and resources for the development of the country.

2.  As it seeks to put in place a proper structure for the realization of its mission, design  programmes including investment projects that Nigerians in the Diaspora can participate in (including coordinating those suggested by NIDO and Nigerians abroad), the NNVS  recognises the need to begin to give adequate recognition to the various efforts of Nigerians abroad - either individually or collectively through the numerous Nigerian organisations and associations.
3.      Nigerians in the diaspora have long been making significant contributions in various ways to Nigeria's national development.   The NNVS is fully aware that annually, Nigerian organisations/associations, especially in America and Britain raise considerable amount of money with which they fund projects in Nigeria or offer scholarships to needy Nigerian students.  Some have engaged in some intellectual exercise to strategise on how to contribute to moving Nigeria forward.  Unfortunately, because of the diverse ways and the manner these important contributions have been handled, no proper record or inventory of what has been done has been documented. 

4.       Sadly too, these contributions have not been in any way reflected in the calculations of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and consequently their effect on national economy cannot be assessed.  Yet, it is imperative that proper record of these contributions be made.  This will enable both the government and Nigerians at home appreciate the quality and quantum of these efforts and the impact Nigerians abroad are making in our national development endeavors.

5.   It is in consideration of the foregoing that the NNVS proposes beginning from next year to compile, an annual report of the contributions of Nigerians in the Diaspora to Nigeria's development.  The report would highlight all contributions - whether projects, (investment nature or community development) scholarship schemes, medical/humanitarian missions etc embarked upon and executed by various associations, organizations and individuals.

6.     To be able to put together the yearly report, we would need the support and cooperation of all Nigerian organisations and associations abroad including faith-based organizations  in the provision of relevant and up to date information.  We would therefore be pleased, if each community, association/or business outfits, organization could forward directly to us details of development activities they have executed from 1999 to date whether in forms of Boreholes, Scholarship awards, Medical missions, Relief materials, cash donations, Community development projects, conferences/seminars advocacy efforts like HIV/AIDS campaigns  Investment projects like refineries and electricity, and other forms of business/social endeavours with a description of the particular activity and the cost implications.  The information should include:

(i) Name of Organisation;
(ii) Project description;
(iii) Project location;
(iv) Year of commencement;
(v) Year of completion;
(vi) Name of Beneficiary; i.e community, local government  state or federal institutions; In case of scholarships the total figures would be sufficient;
(vii) Total cost of project

7.   Our desire and efforts would come to naught if we do not receive the cooperation of the various organisations/associations.  As such we wish to appeal, indeed plead with the presidents and secretaries of the various national, professional, regional, state, community, village, social and faith based organizations and associations to spare just a few minutes to send us the required information.

8.   You can e-mail us -  or or send a hardcopy to:

                The Coordinator (NNVS)
                         Office of the Secretary to the Government of the
                     Federal Secretariat Complex,
                    Shehu Shagari Way,

9.      As you receive this information, please help us disseminate it to other organizations.