Dr. Edmund Abaka endorses Pablo's suggestion on doing something about the AIDS saga. As you review the suggestion below, let us ask the Director of Ebenezer Foundation, based in New Jersey, to think about it. The Ebenezer Foundation is a charitable organization helping victims of AIDS in Africa

I have enjoyed Pablo's piece of AIDS and strongly endorse his proposal for "doing something" about the AIDS issue in a practical way that will produce tangible benefits.  All the complaints, proposals, solutions, critiques will not amount to much if they are not followed with concrete, or shall we say, practical solutions.

Endorsing Pablos' proposal, I will suggest that we set up a Foundation and contribute $20.00 each per month for one year.  Those who would like to contribute more that $20.00 a month are more than welcome. A Foundation or charitable organization can provide tax-deductible receipts for those who feel so passionate that they would like to contribute $200.00 or more.   $20.00 is my allocated "beer money" or egg nog" money for a month. Alternatively, it takes me to a movie or two.  But I will happily sacrifice it for a good cause - and I will happily shelve my past-time for the sake of mother Africa.

The fund, as Pablo suggested, could be used for those who are doing work on health and diseases, "non-attached researchers and people in the continent who are not beholden to drug companies, who are not under the sway of privatizing medicine."

Given the size of the "Forum" a $20.00 per month contribution can start a Foundation or charitable organization. What say you?  If this is idealistic, let us begin. If it does not make sense, let us start. This is US, not the bankrupt leadership we so often criticize. Our widow's mite can start a revolution.