Perhaps, we may be moving towards a consensus on one recommendation, if we work harder on Dr. Bolaji Aluko's suggestion. As to his questions on the Ebenezer Foundation, I have donated to it twice (forgive the uncharitable disclosure) and it is run by a pathologist, Dr. Fayemi who, I think, is among the over 11,000 people that is part of this dialogue series.


I am willing to be part of a donation crew for this effort but rather than start a new foundation, I think that it is a good idea to look around and see whether there is one that is worth the Ebenezer Foundation that you mentioned, but which I have never heard about.
But who runs the Ebenezer Foundation ?  What SPECIFICALLY has it done in the AIDS arena since its foundation? What is it that can differentiate it from OTHER AIDS Foundation which will make it possible for AFRICAN VOICES IN THE DIASPORA such as ours to be able to impact on its programmes?
I am asking all of this because there is a AIDS Pharmaco-INDUSTRIAL-NGO COMPLEX out there which takes in a lot of money, and one wonders WHERE all the money goes.

  My last question is particularly crucial (I think).  The concern about the efforts of starting a new foundation is also genuine.
Mobolaji (Ebenezer) Aluko
Secretary, IAAN (International African Aids Network)