Dr. Aluko continues with his exchanges on AIDS

Dr. Sam Mhlongo:
On this issue, there are only three positions one can take:
1.  anti-infectious hypothesis;
2.  neutral.
3.  pro-infectious hypothesis;
First, none of these positions is SINFUL, so I am not a bit ashamed to be "pro-infectious hypothesis" if indeed that is what I am.
Now if I were #1, I would not be asking all of these questions; I would be solidly in your camp.  If I were # 2, straddling the fence, it might even be that I DON'T CARE who is dying from HIV/AIDS.  I can assure you that the VAST MAJORITY of human beings in the world are # 2.  If I am #3 and asking these questions, it might be that I wish to be better informed so as to revise some or all of my priors.
I am NOT a medical professional person - but a scientist, an engineer with interest in stemming HIV/AIDS in Africa and the rest of the world.  The fact of the matter is that the Pro-Infectious Hypothesis Group has done a better job - either good PR wise and/or because of financial muscle - to propagate their views than the Anti-Infectious Hypothesis Group.
I believe that we all wish to save lives, not trump each other over science and ego.
As to the possibility of a conference next year, we should all work towards it.  It looks as if ASA is the best bet, since it will be in DC;  there is long enough time to work towards it (in October or November); and it might be quite a NEUTRAL ground to which the OTHER SIDE - the  Pro-Infectious Hypothesis Group  - might be amenable to attend.  That is the challenge.
Best wishes.
Bolaji Aluko
In a message dated 12/28/2004 10:46:05 AM Eastern Standard Time, smmhlong@iafrica.com writes:
Dear Aluko,
I am now back in Johannesburg after a few days close to the Zimbabwe border. I have now read through all of your questions to us but I am somewhat perplexed and intrigued.
Without exception, all of your questions appear to emanate from the HIV infectious paradigm and assumptions as enunciated by the mainstreamers. I have yet to find a single question from you resembling some of the questions asked by those who do not accept the INFECTIOUS HYPOTHESIS. Please elucidate.
Concerning a conference at your university, I feel this is a great idea if a benefactor could be found to support it - this would be an answer to some extent to the two yearly AIDS Inc circuses - Durban, Madrid, Bangkok etc.  Let's hope you are in a position to pull this off.