Nuno Philips poses many questions:

Thank you for these postings that have come to me in a deluge. It is a good academic exercise for those who are surrounded by classrooms. Does African actually exist? Is George Ayittey an African or a Ghanian? Do you or any one carry an African passport? Does any one of you really speak an African language? Is there an African food? cc What is the communality between me from Lagos and one from Kenya? What is my connection with any one from Morocco? Nigerians cannot transit Nairobi: What is this Africa?
And when people in the academy write linking African to other countries, I get confused. One wrote of Nigeria, West Africa.   In what continent is Iraq. When did the Middle East become a continent?

the second largest group consisted of highly
educated immigrants from Asia and the Pacific, with those from the Philippines being the largest in the latter group. The same is then said of immigrants from Africa.