The nasty tone of Baffoe-Bonnie has attracted many rejoinders directed at him--I received over 30 messages within two hours. I can only carry one, that of Dr. Afolayan below. Your humble moderator is not happy with the tone as well, as well as the tone of many who criticized the tone of Baffoe-Bonnie. However, in intellectual history, we do not dismiss "tone" simply because we are upset by it: tone is part of the overall assessment of the intellectual make-up of any group of people.  The question is why do many of us employ nasty tone as it is very common in many private and public meetings?
Why did I post it, as someone asked? My honest answer is: it is irresponsible not to. This moderator is not a dictator as you can tell by now. If someone writes something nasty about me, I will post it.


From Dr. Michael Afolayan, Illinois

In as much as I could see what Eugene Baffoe-Bonnie is saying, he almost put me off with his with his condescending remarks addressed at Moses. Agreeing with Professor Ayittey's position is great, and some in this forum feels the same sentiment, but when a civil exchange plunges to this level, it may take away the intellectual savor that we have all so enthusiastically enjoyed. I am not even sure if Professor Ayittey will agree with this personal attack. Let constraint guide us, please. Imagine what you said below, Eugene! Do you think
is right?