Here is it, the first bombshell coming your way in 2005. Brace up for it!  The essay below is culled from a highly polemical book, Capitalist Nigger: The Road To Success - A Spider Web Doctrine. Here is the blurb "CAPITALIST NIGGER excels as an explosive and jarring indictment of the Black Race.  The book asserts that the Negroid Race, as naturally endowed as any
other, is culpably a non-productive race.  The Black Race is a consumer race and  depends on other communities for its culture, its language, its feeding, and its clothing.  Despite enormous natural resources, Blacks are economic slaves because they lack the "devil-may-care" attitude and the "killer-instinct" of the Caucasian, as well as the spider web economic mentality of the Asian. CAPITALIST NIGGER contends that only as "Economic Warriors," employing the "Spider Web Economic Doctrine," can the Black Race escape from their victim mentality." Published by Timbuktu Publishers Tel.: 973-675-9919 Fax: 973-675-5704

BLACKS ARE ECONOMIC SLAVES Chapter 5  pages 43-51
By Chika Onyeani

There is nothing like State of Black Economy.  It does not exist in Africa. 
Neither does it exist in any other part of the world.  It is an illusion to
think there is such a situation called State of Black Economy.  Blacks are
economic slaves.  There is no group of people in this world who have abandoned any
ambition of being economically independent from the grip of others as the
Black race - whether Africans from the continent, or Africans from the Diaspora -
Black Americans, Caribbeans or migratory Africans.  We are more slaves now
than when the Caucasian conquered us and sold us into slavery.  The word slave
means we are serfs, chattels, paupers, peons or vassals. 

There is nothing in Africa that is owned by the people.  We are owned stock
and barrel by people of European-origin, Japanese, Chinese, the Indians and any
other people that has decided to become economically viable.  In fact, I
believe that the only possession in the world that the Black race could lay
ownership to is the free air we breathe, and that might be in question and jeopardy
if the present trend of consolidation of our conquerors continue. 

There is no Black entity that is economically independent in any part of the
world.  Africa is the second largest continent in the world.  It has been
established that it was the cradle of humanity and civilization.  Africa possesses
the largest percentage of the world's natural resources - gold, diamonds,
silver, uranium, plutonium, manganese, coal, oil.  But unfortunately, Africa is
today economically under occupation although I would have preferred to use the
word militarily than economically.

The fact is that none of the natural resources Africa is blessed with is
under African control.  We don't even understand the value of the natural
resources we possess; otherwise, we would know how to cultivate them.  If we did, we
would own the avenues through which these products are brought to be utilized
in the world.  The United Nations has year in, year out, declared Africa as the
world's poorest continent, despite its enormous natural resources.  The fact
is that the world is moving so fast that Black people stand the chance of
being wiped off the face of the earth by a Hitler or Mussolini  -  could you just
imagine what would happen if a David Duke were to become the President of the
United States of America, the country with the most weapons of mass
destruction.  Imagine!

Oil has become one of the most important products in the world.  It is what
created the fortunes of people like the Rockefellers; it is what created
companies like Standard Oil which was broken up to become the juggernauts like
Exxon, Mobil, Texaco, etc.  A lot of the African countries possess oil in
abundance, including countries like Nigeria, Angola, Democratic Republic of the Congo,
Gabon, Libya, Equatorial Guinea and others.  In fact, it has become the
economic life blood of most African countries.

But, we as Africans don't have an iota of knowledge of the process of finding
the oil and bringing it to use.  To discover the oil, a Caucasian has to
bring in his equipment to survey our land or shores.  If there is oil, he
estimates the amount of oil located in that area.  We award him the contract of
drilling for the oil.  He brings his own men.  Unlike in his own country, whatever
environmental damage the drilling does is none of his concerns.  All he wants
is that oil.  When the oil comes out from the ground, we also award him the
contract to take the oil from us.  He brings his tanker, loads the oil and brings
it to his own country where he refines it.  He pays less than $12 per barrel
for the crude oil.  He refines the crude into several different products,
which are then sent back to us at more than $65 per barrel. 

In the l998 year, Exxon generated revenues of $100 billion, Mobil $47
billion, Texaco $32 billion and Chevron $27 billion.  The revenues of these four
companies almost outstripped the revenues of all the 50 Black African countries
south of the Sahara combined. 

Let's take a country like Nigeria for instance.  It is the so-called giant of
Africa, the leader of the Black world.  Nigeria is the seventh largest oil
producing country in the world.  Nigerians pride themselves as one of the most
educated people in the world.  It has all kinds of engineers, including
petroleum and geological engineers.  Oil was discovered in Nigeria in 1948.  But you
know what? 

Nigeria still imports refined oil at exorbitant rates.  It does not have
engineers who prospect for the oil; it does not have engineers who drill for the
oil; it does not have engineers who refine the oil.  It imports the oil. 
Nigeria has two oil refineries - all built by foreigners.  To maintain these
refineries they must import the experts (Caucasians) who built the refineries to
repair any minor problems.  When one of the refineries was out of production for
a long time in 1998, over $475 million was awarded to repair it.  Despite the
fact that the refinery has been in existence for more than 15 years, Nigerians
had not learned to repair the refinery.  That contract of $475 million would
have gone a long way in spreading the wealth of that huge amount across all
strata of the society.  It would have created over $10 billion of wealth in the
country, which similarly was the amount which has been created in the country
that received this award. 

As we enter the 21st century, Africans don't have the capacity to discover
oil; they don't have the capacity to drill for the oil; they don't have the
capability to refine the oil; they don't have the capacity to transport the oil to
the destination where it would be refined; they don't have the vessel to
transport the oil back to us for consumption.  At a time when Indians and the
Pakistanis have both detonated the atom bomb, when China is providing the
technology for quick acceleration of launching satellites into orbit, Africans still
don't have the capacity even to refine the oil for themselves. 

In Black America today, the situation is the same as in Africa.  Blacks make
up the second largest group of Americans.  Economically, Black American
communities are under occupation by others.  I have been spending a lot of time
lately in Harlem - the so-called capital of Black America.  Boasting about such a
place as a capital of Black America is one of the greatest insults that could
be bestowed on African-Americans.  It is an insult.  From the hub of Harlem,
125th Street, you can understand what I am saying.  Here is a so-called capital
of 36 million people.  Going from one establishment to another in Harlem, all
the people I saw behind the counter were not people of my color. 
Approximately 95% of the people who live in Harlem are blacks.  Conversely, only 10% of
the buildings in Harlem are owned by Blacks. 

If you are a slave, you cannot be independent and distinct from the whims and
caprices or dictates of your conquerors.  The present generation of Africans
has mortgaged the future of the following generation of Africans by the huge
debt they have accumulated. 

Africa owes the world $375 billion.  It means that the average African - man,
woman, or child  - will have to repay upwards of $5,000 in their present life
time.  This is not a $500 question or debt.  We are talking of $5,000 for
every African living to repay the $375 billion in debt. 

Yet, all we do is ask for more debts.  We beg all the time for the West to
come in and take more control of the iron hand they have already clasped on us. 
But travel from one end of Africa to another.  Go from one country to
another.  The story is the same.  $375 billion, and there is nothing to show for it. 
Africa spends more money servicing its debt, in other words paying interest
to the Western world, than it spends on infrastructural development. 

If you are talking of a state of Black economy, you have to talk about a
people who are able to create products from its inception to market.  You cannot
talk of an economy where the people are mere consumers.  Take a walk through
the theaters of the marketplace.  When you wake up in the morning, what is the
first thing you do?  Of course, you turn on the light - electricity.  There is
no electric utility company owned by Blacks either in Africa or the Diaspora. 
Even the lanterns which are still used in most African villages, are
imported.  You shower.  You show me a water company owned by Blacks.  Though Africans
have water companies, they invariably still have to be built and maintained
for them by Europeans.  In the Black community, all the products they use are
produced by other people.  That is not an economy. 

This is a lesson we should learn.  When the Caucasian needed slaves to work
in their farms, they made Blacks their machines.  They found these machines
much slower when they invented the horse-drawn plough and they became
superfluous.  When they found the cold unbearable, they invented heating systems.  When
they found summer heat unbearable, they invented the air conditioner.  When
they needed a way of talking to one another without visiting each other, they
invented the telephone.  When they stopped the practice of town-crier, they
invented the radio.  When they found writing with pens too slow, they first
invented the typewriter and now the computer.  When they needed to get to a
destination faster than riding on the horse, they invented the automobile.  They
invented the ship to be able to cross wide expanses of water.  When the need arose
to get somewhere even faster, the Wright brothers came to the rescue and
invented the airplane. 

Every other people of "color," the Japanese, Chinese, the Indians - assuming
white is not a color - have appropriated all the technology and made them
their own.  In fact, they have learned so well that they produce these products
better than the people who orginally invented them.  That is the mark of

There is the reality check for a Capitalist Nigger.  He is not in the habit
of deluding himself about the grandeur of his ancestors.  He acknowledges it. 
He does not live on it.  His reality check is that the strong must inherit the
earth.  He understands that the world is a jungle.  It is kill or be killed. 
He understands that if you don't produce what you eat; if you don't
manufacture what you use; and if you don't understand how to articulate and
conceptualize your concerns to your people, there cannot be a solution.  He understands
that the State of Black Economy can only be created when a group of young Black
men and women decide to dare to be successful.  Yes, we have to dare to be

When there was segregation, there was an Black economy.  There were thriving
Black banks, insurance companies, hotels, convention centers, stores catering
to Blacks.  The Black economy thrived.  Blacks were forced to buy from Blacks. 
The meager salaries that they earned stayed in the Black community and
created jobs and a stabilized community.  All that is gone.  Blacks knew how to
patronize one another.  Segregation does not have to rear its ugly head again for
Blacks to know it is time that they started patronizing Black businesses
again.  There has to be a parallel to Citigroup; there has to be a parallel to
MCIWorldcom; there has to be parallel to Apple Computer.  All these are attainable

It would be foolhardy to talk of creating another Microsoft, a General
Motors, an AT&T.  The largest black bank - the Carver Bancorp Inc. - had assets of
$420 million; while its Caucasian counterpart, the Citigroup had assets of $668
billion - that's $168 billion more than the combined revenues of all Blacks
in 1998.  Yet, out of the $500 billion that Blacks generated, the total assets
of the largest 25 Black banks amounted to only $4.5 billion.

If you cannot buy African, there is absolutely no way you are going to create
a Black economy.  We must have to learn from East Indians, who have done so
well in integrating their economy in this country.  In another section of this
book, we discussed how the East Indians had taken over the newsstand business
in New York City, and its taxi and limousine business.  Apart from these, they
have also taken over the motel and medium sized hotel business through the
country, as well as most of the gas stations.  They have been able to do so
through combining their assets and creating a totally integrated community.  From
the food he easts to the shoes, and any other thing he needs, he can get it
from another Indian.  In this way, they keep the money they make from others
circulating only within their community.  It is what I call the "Spider-Web
Economic Doctrine."

In economic terms, when you invest a dollar in another community, you have
immediately created $8.000 for that community; and that $8.00 will eventually
result in creating $164 for that community through the multiplier effect.  You
can calculate this and see why the East Indians who have recently made America
their home, have been able to accumulate money and wealth so quickly to become
a force in the economic and political playing field.  East Indians control
their community economically.  They own the houses they live in.  The money they
used to buy those homes was either generated independently or borrowed from
an Indian mortgage lender. 

All the businesses conducted within East Indian communities are totally owned
by Indians.  They have learned the lesson of never allowing their money to
get out of their community.  They found a niche, and they seized it.  They took
over businesses which were already running successfully.  They didn't have to
build a new mouse trap.  They found a way to use an already existing mouse
trap.  Through the absolute control of their economy and the "Spider-Web Economic
Doctrine", they are now playing in the bigger leagues by taking over existing
major companies just as they had done with the small ones. 

A Capitalist Nigger understands that for the Black economy to be created, he
must have to create a niche for himself.  The movement to restart the Black
economy must be planned with absolute focus, with each individual focusing on
how he can contribute to making it a reality.  There are some Capitalist Niggers
who have already begun the movement.  One night, I was watching Jay Leno of
NBC's Late Night with Jay Leno.  One of his guests that night was Michael
Jordan. Leno wanted to know why Jordan did not proceed with his purchase of the NBA
franchise Charlotte Hornets.  Jordan replied that the owners had a different
understanding of what he wanted his investment in the club to do.  "I cannot
put my money where I don't have total control," said Jordan.  Michael Jordan,
in this case, understood what it means to be a Capitalist Nigger. 

This war to restart the Black Economy must be fought by educated consumers
and capitalists.  Take a moment to take cognizance of your surrounding.  Make a
mental note of all the things within that surrounding.  Calculate how much
those things cost you.  Remember from whom and where you purchased the products. 
In purchasing those products did you enhance or deter the creation of Black

If you had to do it all over again, how would you change what you did
earlier?  The Mercedes-Benz or Lexus or Jaguar you have parked outside.  Where did
you get it from?  What exactly did the purchase of such a luxury car do for you?
 If it was a necessary purchase, would it have served your interest and the
interest of the community better if you had checked throughout the country to
find out which Black automobile dealerships carried the brand.  Was it
necessary to have purchased a brand from a company which has consistently shown
disrespect and insult to you and your community?  If you answered no, then you have
it within your power to change things around next time you have to make such a
purchase or any purchase at all. 

Whether it is a dollar purchase or a million dollar purchase, the thought
process must be focused on maximizing the interest of the community.  We must
assess every option.  The re-education of our people is the first step in the
Capitalist Nigger's arsenal to begin to reclaim and rebuild a State of Black
Economy.  We must start individually, conquer the urge for frivolous purchasing
without first applying the litmus test. 

The whole of the African race is under economic occupation.  You cannot
achieve a true political independence without at the same time achieving economic
independence.  The so-called political independence we think we have now is
merely an illusion.  It is meaningless.  It is not supported by any solid
foundation.  A house without solid foundation is bound to crumple sooner or later. 
Without economic independence, sooner or later, we will be recolonized