Steve Nwabuzor wants to know the merit of the Ibori Center:

The Ibori Center for Policy Studies which Dr. Ifediora has again pushed into the public domain highlights the thinking of some academics in the Diaspora. It is clear that the wisdom of siting this Center in the US can be faulted on many premises. But what really begs for answers are the fallacies inherent in Dr. Ifediora's invitation letter sent to USA/Africa Dialogue.
First, we are told that James Ibori, Governor of Delta State in Nigeria has not contributed a dime to its founding. Then, why was the Center named after him?
Second, in the USA/Africa Dialogue, No. 216, it is reported by the Delta State webiste that James Ibori is a major benefactor of the Center. Hence, the latest propaganda by Professor Ifediora calls into question the sincerity of his intentions.
Professsor Ifediora went ahead to give us details of his birth in Delta State, but failed to inform us that he is not an indigene of Delta State in Nigeria. The rambling into his birth, education and rearing in Delta State speaks volume of the depth of intellectualism and truth of this project.
Professor Ifediora had read my essay on the Ibori Center and had in fact suggested that litigation might be pursued. Ifediora has not answered the salient points raised in my essay: USA/Africa Dialogue, No 144.
One would have expected that as an academic and Chair in a University of Wisconsin satellite campus, Professor Ifediora would be on the level with the intellectuals on this forum, highlighting the inappropriate nature of this project which is being financed by James Ibori whose State in Nigeria is still suffering from basic infrastructure!
It is disheartening when intellectuals pocket their objectivity for pecuniary or frivolous pursuits. The best that Ifediora could do now is to inform us of the benefits of this Center to Nigeria, and why the Nigerian Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies in Kuru can not fulfill the objectives of the Ibori Center. And inform us of how much Ibori donated to its founding.