Rev. Agbali responds to Dr. Aluko on membership on the Security Council:

Under what conditions and how did Egypt gain the unique position of a permanent veto power under the proposed schema  of the emergent reform initiated integration of Africa into
the security council? Highlight that more- is that a  subjectively evolved criteria, or is it based upon a distinct  historical, political, or social analysis or considerations?  I am interested in knowing, given the fact of how the  historical antecedents on the continent marred the old
Organization of African Unity (OAU), and of course, even prior to that, the different elemental groupings of the  Arabs, Cassablanca group, and the different antagonism between one French countries and others, as well as the resultant bad blood between Nkrumah and Tafawa Balewa, that was even nuanced by Nkrumah at the death of the later. Maybe others are too, or I must have missed something in the on-going dialogue.