Dr. Aluko poses a question: Reverend Agbali asks why I name Egypt as a permanent UN Security member with veto power? His answer:

Well, the current discussion about expansion of permanent membership of UN Security Council is unusual with respect to Africa in that unlike all the Council's other members, it is based on CONTINENTAL REPRESENTATION rather than on the economic or military strength of the countries.  That is a given fact.

It appears from all intents and purposes that two permanent seats will be open to Africa, and the question is then how to fill them.  It is only fair to let African countries decide who those two will be.

We could decide to list each country by population, and choose the first two.  We could decide to list each country by GDP, and choose the first two.  We could decide for straight-run election among all 54 countries, and choose the two highest candidates.  If there are ties, we could go a second round and third round, etc.....

And so on....

Or we could save ourselves some trouble by thinking regionally, the two regions that quickly always jump to mind being Sub-Saharan Africa and Northern (or Arab or even Muslim) Africa.

That Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa are the three leading candidates for this permanent membership of the UN Security Council is an incontestible fact.  I stand to be corrected.

In that list of 3 countries, Nigeria and South Africa belong to the SubSaharan category of Africa, while ONLY Egypt belongs to Northern Africa.  That is why I have left Egypt alone,  but won't be worried if its position of primacy is contested by Algeria, Libya, Morocco, etc. I have also asked that we have both Nigeria and South Africa to be permanent members of the Security Council, but that only one of them have veto power at any given time (permanent membership means nothing to me without veto power), with a "gentleman" African agreement between the two that in general only an African consensus should lead to the application of a veto by the current African veto-wielding country.

I think that that will break a deadlock.