Steve Nwabuzor commends Agbali's ideas:

Rev. Agbali's reflection on the National Conference and the nomination of two Catholic priests, namely Monsignor Aniagwu and Rev. Matthew Kukah to the conference, drives a knife into the mission of the Church in emancipating Africa's poor from the stranglehold of illegimate governance.  It provokes thoughts on the modern day church which is fastly becoming an appendage of latter-day despots in the ruination of the hopes and aspirations of the downtrodden in society.
Rev. Agbali's concise and straight to the point analyses of the Kukah and Aniagwu phenomenon (academic and ecclesiastic feats)  which contrasts with their voicelessness in the face of illogicalities and rejection of the masses cry for representation in matters that concern their overall well being by the Obasanjo government highlights how the god of this world is making inroads into the Church of God.
I commend Rev. Agbali for this insightful article which is refreshing as it gives hope that some conscience still resides in the Catholic Church. One hopes that others, priests and men of goodwill, will take note of Rev. Agbali's points.