Loba Osri reports from London

Le jeudi 10 février 2005 - [1556 mots]  
What Jacques Chirac really meant to say to Thabo Mbeki (English version)

My dear Mbeki, when I say that you do not know and understand the psychology of Africans from West Africa, I do not want you to take it personally, but it is the sad truth.

My dear Mbeki, you and the Africans from the Southern part of Africa are different, you are another breed of Africans who know what they want, understand the world political landscape. Your fight was different and remains different. During your fight, indeed you lost some precious heads but your fight created some heroes and immortals such as Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, yourself and many more. You have studied, you’re intelligent and intellectuals. You have used your intelligence to pull together and fight oppression and domination. You have put your knowledge to good use to free yourself and your people from an evil regime. Today, you’re free Africans who can think for themselves. You lead the white man who once oppressed you. When Tony Blair from Britain asked you for help to destabilise Zimbabwe you said to him NO WAY. You are another breed of Africans.
Here in West Africa unfortunately the psychology is totally different. Here is how the psychology works in this part of Africa; Samori Toure and his friends were sold to the white man and murdered, Sekou Toure, Thomas Sankara, Kwame N’kruma, Lumumba were all sold to the white man and murdered. West Africans use their knowledge, intellectualism, education to destroy not to build. These West Africans (QC, Doctors, presidents, former presidents, students, all social layers included) have no clue about World politics; they do not understand the basic notions which form the foundation for development and which are: peace, self-respect and cooperation. Mr Wade president of Senegal and all these ‘intellectuals’ who surround me can contradict me if I am wrong.

I have known Cote D’Ivoire well before you, I thought I understood the psychology of the people but the West African psychology has derailed in that country. So the country wants to escape and possibly join you (you’re a pollutant Mbeki) but in my struggle to recover it, and put the psychology right, I am not alone, the West African psychology is helping a great deal and it is working. All the West Africans know my intentions and those of my government. The ECOWAS is present, The UN is present, the AU is present. Every African country has its representatives in the country. They all know that there are no African rebels other than the French army. When we destroyed the Ivorian air force and killed so many Africans, the same Africans were the ones who supported me to impose an embargo upon them.

It is not an insult when I say that your mediation has failed. Here in the psychology of the West African; THE WHITE MAN IS THE ABSOLUTE MASTER AND THE BLACK MAN IS THE SLAVE AND THE SERVANT. I am neither making it up nor saying it, BUT, it shows in their behaviour, I just read their behaviour and build my case, and while I am sitting here, I am still reading the behaviour (you know what I mean). Otherwise I would not be or allowed in Senegal today on “Africa soil” and be welcome as a king. Do you really think that any African leader who behaves like me, can set foot on European soil or European country? Ask Colonel Kadafi?

God created Africa and put these West Africans here to serve us. These Africans do not grow up, do not mature and will never grow up nor mature whatever their level of education and age. They could be QC, doctors, professors, president, former president through to the peasant they will always remain kids in the head. From my position, I can ask them to fight; they will fight without asking a question as you have already noticed. I have the power to decide where and when I want war to break out and with the helping hand of the West African psychology, the war will happen. If I am bored, I call them for a Francofolie meeting, (I am sure you are familiar with the word. Francofolie is a monitoring tool to ensure that the prescribed West African psychology is working and if anybody needs resetting, we reset them) they will all be there. I have the power to manipulate them, they gave that power to me because I remember when I was a cab driver in New York many of these Africans were presidents, barristers, ministers you name it, I used to lick their boots but you can see that they have not grown up at all, they have not matured at all.

My dear Mbeki, I can see that you have good intentions for your African brothers BUT they will not listen to you because you are not a WHITE MAN. What you could possibly do is to hand your mission over to a white tramp, dress him up and it would do the business. They will listen to him because he is a white man, otherwise you are wasting your time. You are not a white man, your mission is a failure, your own African brothers in blood will never listen to you because you are not a white man. It is sad but it is also the sad truth. That’s why I said that before you get involved you must know and understand the West African psychology.
To better understand my thesis on African Psychology, let’s together go through some historical facts.

-As you well know, Africa has been through the worse atrocities the world has ever known and especially this part of Africa which has suffered and is still suffering. Africans have been chased, poached, caught tied like animals and piled up like sardines and shipped across the world for sale. That period was the period of slavery of which Senegal is bearing the fresh scars. What lesson have Africans learned from it? NONE.

-Then we invented the invasion called (colonisation) during which Africans suffered the worse. Africans were forced to work for us, they went through the same atrocities and humiliations. What lesson have Africans learned from it? NONE.

-During the two European wars (world wars I & II), the poor Africans under some derogatory names of Senegalese fusiliers (of which Senegal is still bearing the scars) were used as sniffer dogs in the snow to free our trapped and dispirited parents from the Nazis. Many Africans lost their lives under the French flag. When we celebrate the liberation of Europe who mentions them? Nobody. These Africans dared to ask us to compensate them, we French told them to get lost. What lesson have Africans learned from it. NONE.

-they wanted their independence; we gave them their independence with small prints tagged at the bottom and on the conditions that they stay our slaves. What lesson have Africans learned from it? NONE

-All Africans have witnessed and still remembers how Jean Bedel Bokassa from the republic of Central Africa was treated by Giscard Desting and his government. Bocassa was proclaimed emperor, he was humiliated, after all the riches from the country were transferred to France, he was then deposed by the same French government. What lesson have Africans learned from it? NONE.

-Then came the genocide of Rwanda when millions and millions of Africans fought against each other for no apparent reasons. Millions and millions of Africans lost their lives. All these African leaders including the UN SG know very well the role France played in this genocide. But what lesson have Africans learned from it? NONE
-then there have been the following cases; Congo Brazza (the president was democratically elected and deposed by France), the same Republic of Central Africa (the president was democratically elected and deposed by France), Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad. I could give you examples until year 20yx. But what lesson have Africans learned from these unfortunate events? NONE.

-Many Africans live in France and in other European countries. They know how we treat them. These African leaders know the lives of their countrymen in Europe. For example, we can arrest an African and detain him for no reason. We have recently voted laws in France to limit the number of Africans entering our Universities, we refuse visas to Africans. Currently, while in Senegal, I can telephone my police and instruct them to arrest any African walking in any street in Paris, put them on any plane provided it is flying to Africa and put them anywhere the crew desire and I will be applauded here in Dakar, possibly throughout all West Africa.
But what lesson are Africans learning from all these treatments? NONE

You see as Europeans we believe in one law <<eye for eye tooth for tooth. You kill one European we will kill millions of yours. What do Africans believe in? Nothing.

The West African is a F**** slave to the white man, my dear Mbeki, you are wasting your time. Your own brothers in flesh and blood will not listen to you for you are not a white man and you have not come to destroy.