IJ Kyeleve responds:

The Botswana Govt has a track record of respecting its
judicial rulings, that you can be rest assured. There
are well known cases of people who were to be deported,
some of whom had successful challenged the Government
decision in the courts and won and were allowed to
stay. Others failed and were accordingly deported.
Based on such facts, I do not see how the High court
ruling won't be respected.

Ironically, the Nigerian judicial guru, late Justice Aguda was
the first Chief Justice of Botswana who was so
honoured with the highest title the Government and
people of Bostwana, have bestowed on any individual,
due to his contribution to the development and
establishment of the Judicial system in that country!

This explain my concern for the unbalanced wide
publicity that was being given to the deportation
order on Good while he had, at the same time, taken
his case to the High Court that has ordered the
Botswana Govt to stay its deportation order.

My regards,
IJ Kyeleve