Dr. Ian Taylor replies to the Botswana Govt.:

Please note that, contrary to what Jeff Ramsay (the American spin-doctor for the Botswana government) says, there *have* been repeated indications that Mogae plans to step down before his time is up and hand over to Khama. In fact, last year Ramsay was specifically asked to comment on this by the local Botswana press and was quoted as saying he 'agreed that indeed the President may leave before his term ends'. According to the report, Ramsay did not know *exactly* when this might be, but specifically mentioned a date half way into Mogae's second term.   According to the editor of the paper, Ramsay even declared 'that it has always been President Mogae's wish not to stay long as President.'  When this was published, Ramsay subsequently sought to withdraw his statement - although the editor has re-affirmed the accuracy of his published account. All this can be checked by reading the following articles: 'Khama to Take Over Soon?', The Botswana Gazette, January 28, 2004 and 'Dr Jeff Ramsey's Press ReleaseŠ', The Botswana Gazette, February 4, 2004.
So far, Ramsay has made up sections of our paper that didn't even exist (!) in order to smear and distort what Ken Good and I said (he has subsequently been exposed for this), and has now accused the well-respected Media Institute of Sthn Africa of "blatant distortions" (ask Ray Louw). The govt is clearly in a very sticky situation and I think the American is losing it. 
All highly amusing to watch!
Dr Ian Taylor
School of International Relations
University of St. Andrews
St. Andrews
Scotland KY16 9AL
United Kingdom