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Obasanjo seems to be doing something only when hidden things that people at the corridor of power do leak to the press and the public. Do we commend him for it or ask him why he has allowed things to degenerate to the level it is at the highest levels in Nigeria. A few weeks ago, it was Balogun, the IG of the Nigeria Police; Dariye, the Governor of Plateau State, and so on. How do we prove that our country is not as corrupt as the international records are showing today when those who should show good examples say one good thing and do many horrible evil acts under the pretext of working in the interest of hungry and helpless Nigerians?
Nigeria continues to stink, and it is sad that the so-called members of the national conference may not come out with any solution to the inherent problem of corruption. This may sound pessimistic to people who do only praise singing for people in government, even when they go astray. 
Another question: How do we expect Obasanjo to succeed in his effort to sanitized Nigeria, and free her from corruption that has relegated the country economically, politically and morally in the eyes of many generations of Nigeria and the international community when our drums keep beating "We remain shameless people that we are." ? The "born again Obasanjo" may have the mind to do good for Nigerians, but what about the rogues in the senate, house of representatives, states houses of assembly, local governments, and other institutions of the government that serve as the cushion chair of many enemies of common people whose future has suffered enormously in the hands of insincere, selfish, heartless, and corrupt leaders?
Revolution may sound totally odd, but it seems the best solution to the endless "wickedness and heartlessness of" many Nigerian leaders who use their access to power to tarnish the image of Nigeria and numerous innocent Nigerians.