Two short responses to 576 and related no.

Dear Toyin:

Thanks for all the interesting materials you have been sharing with us, especially this recent posting on the third annual African presidential roundtable in South Africa. Kindly furnish any more info you may have on this roundtable, which can become a powerful force, if well coordinated. Without good coordination , it will be a whining club.

Thanks again for your invaluable service.

Charles Okigbo, PhD
Department of Communication
North Dakota State University
Fargo, ND 58105

Toyin and colleagues:

The beauty of Obi Nwakanma's idea of a formal, paid "intellectual post-presidential sabbatical leave" from domestic politics for these former heads of state is a very useful one.  Imagine if they are away from their countries for substantial portions of two years immediately after they leave office?  Then the new president can put his own stamp on the country without interference from the past president, while that former president imparts his knowledge (or lack thereof) elsewhere on the continent and the world.

Good idea - we should push it.

Bolaji Aluko