Pius Adesanmi said
A useful addendum: the revisionist, anti-Occupation work/activism of the
> scholars in the Jewish New History school (Ilan Pappe, Avi Shlaim, Tom
> Segev, Simha Flappan, etc Benny Morris changed his mind)attests to the
> diversity and complexity of Jewish positions on the actions of the
> Isreali state. The Jewish New History scholars are some of the most
> formidable thorns in the flesh of Zionism today.

A Reply to him:

It is of critical importance in any search by Africans for strategies and
philosophies of African advancement that we do not engage in or rope into our ideological and practical struggles,the concerns and pre-occupations of others to the extent that we become marginalized and the footnotes of other peoples histories and ideological contests. Given the cosmopolitan underpinnings of African education on which we were brought up, most of us are very informed about other peoples histories, intellectual contestations and ideological preferences to the extent that we often frame our struggles in terms of other peoples histories, ideologies and agendas. Our concerns and struggles often become quests of the extent to which we are faithful in fulfilling the national dogmas of others projected as universally valid ideas and practices. This better educated and informed generation of Africans must eschew this fatal pitfall. Therefore our current search should be guided by clear-headed and undistracted Africacentricity: the primacy of the restoration of African agency in African development.
Ehiedu Iweriebor