Samson O. Asiyanbi responds to the press release by the Association of Concerned Professionals

With due respect to CP and its intent, it is press releases like Dialogue 590—placing the carriage before the horse—that continues to threaten the growth of effective governance. For every "commendable" action this government takes, there is another, perhaps multiple, that continually calls the government's motive and efficacy into question. For every Osuji episode, there's the Ngige and Dariye that are yet to be resolved, perhaps swept under the rug of party politics. For every Tafa Balogun, there are governors who've been accused (by the finance minister, amongst others) of stashing money in foreign accounts and/or spending too much time away from home--people in the Diaspora can attest to regular sightings of Tinubu and Igbinedion. For every housing deal bereft of due process, there's the Oputa debacle that proved to be more hot air than substance.

If and when Obasanjo is candid about corruption, it will start with him. That is, he will publicly open his personal wealth to public scrutiny. Thereafter would he have the moral authority to force IBB, Shagari, and Buhari to do the same, and then we can make similar inquiry of all past public officials.

CP, and all so-inclined groups, can do us all a favor by saving their encomiastic press releases for the pages of history books.