Anthony Agbali reflects  on corruption, Nigeria-style:

While many people struggle to survive in Nigeria, there seems to be so much money making the rounds, as if we are talking of "chicken change." Waoh, what a world. Even Tafa Balogun from the foregoing, if proven true, must be competing with American Vice President, Dick Cheney in wealth. Where does that whole money come from, except from theft, yet this is an acclaimed lawyer.
Is the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) talking of suspending or debarring this guy? Nigeria, it seems is such a funny place.  Also where is Gbenga Ajala, the guy noted to be at large? What has happened to him, is he alive or dead? Has Interpol being contacted to find him, or what are they doing about this guy? I think they left too much room between the time of the accusation and the prosecution for some interest to just disappear, I would imagine, though not privy to the totality of the investigations and efforts. But my mind tells me that if they had moved swiftly, when the accusation surfaced and the EFCC wanted to act, before "Uncle Sege" in his eternal wisdom, said for them to soft-pedal, someone lke the said Gbenga Ajala, might have been arrested as a significant interest.
However, with all of these, I can imagine that even if Tafa Balogun is tried and convicted, he's no more a poor man, I can tell that some of these wealth are still underground.
But now, come to think about it, if Tafa Balogun, can have access to this enormously macro-sum of fund at his disposal to do at wit and at will, one can wonder about the governors, senators, house of representative members, and other politicians, who dust off money as if it is just a mere grain of sand.  It is disgracing for a nation to continue to exist this way, and it is truly ruinous for the continous survival of the ambiguous entity called Nigeria.
Time will change, and the song would echo the praise of Tafa Balogun, the Ayinla, the Sunny Ade and their creative genre might make paradise for Tafa in the not too far future.  However, believe you me, tomorrow Tafa Balogun would become a Nigerian icon, a saint, honored, and maybe even vie for the position of the President of the land sadly. See today, what has happened to two of the most hated men in the Second Republic, and their visibility in framing Nigeria's tomorrow. I mean, I am talking about, the dreaded killer monster, Sunday Adewusi, of the "Kill and Go" fame, and the most acclaimed corrupt figure in Nigeria' Second Republic, Alhaji Dr. Umaru Dikko, rice supplier, and survival of the "London Crate" hostage. Even, Victor Olunloyo, who rigged elections in 1983, in old Oyo State, and even later confessed it, has continued to exercise large than life, and bigger than size roles in shaping Nigeria.  By the way, is Akin Omoboriowo still there, it seems only his voice is the silent one in Nigeria. Well, maybe if he gets in touch with Joseph Wayas, he would be resurrected to limelight!
Yes, that is Nigeria, where the golden rule is: The more corrupt and noxious you are, the more respect, power, and money you gain. What a sad commentary on the fate of a nation, one that delusionary calls itself "the giant of Africa" who continues to dwarf in prebendal consciousness and illusionary deluge regarding its greatness. Time will tell if "Baba's" antics would work, however, even Baba seems not too innocent. Baba's wife, the pretty "Stellar First Lady" of the Rocky Mountains of Aso, continues to wear the "aso-oke" of wealth and power derived through the privilege of the seal between the horses and at stride with the heightening eagle. Yes, "Nigeria, we hail" in corrupt practices, may in we be able to reclaim "our own dear native land, in truth, justice and peace."
With the eye of the eagle we are watching excitingly where this new signature tune against corruption would blow its trumpet sound. Surely, for now, it is not directed at the Evil Genius, the man on the hilltop residence with fifty bedrooms, the International Bad Boy of the Nigerian fame. Our eyes are watching, truly, and excitedly. One thing is clear, however, we shall not give up, we shall never be deterred,  we shall not detour from the right course of calling any and all Nigerian leadership to accountability and responsibility. The future might not be the illusionary one that they are creating for themselves. Today, head of state Abubakar Abdulsalam, is sued in an American court, and funny enough though the US department of Justice, has become an interested party in his case as friend of the court on the matter, He himself has not found the courage to come to the US ever since, unlike other politicians. Who says these corrupt folks are not taking note and notes.