Abdulrahman Abdulyekeen, Pan-African Development,Education and Advocacy Program (PADEAP), Funtua, Katsina State, Nigeria.

In Bottom Power No 673 A.B. Assensoh went memory lane to recall some of the abuses of power by a First Lady in Ghana some years past. To add comic relief to the tragedy in Kenya, I believe holding some "stupid journalists" hostage for a few hours is not as bad when compared with the atrocities committed and still being perpetrated by successive First Ladies in Nigeria. The following examples will suffice:

a) a one time foreign minister during a particular military regime was reportedly slapped by a First Lady right in her husband office,

b)a First Lady reportedly gave a oil-bloc to her hair dresser which fetched (probably still fetching) millions of naira to the lucky hairdresser,

c) a First Lady was in the list of those buying up the national assets of the country through a dubious privatisation process.

The list is indeed endless.

The question to ask is: between holding some journalists hostage for a few discomforting hours (bad in itself) and holding a nation in its jugular by a few First Ladies, which is more evil?