Charles Geshekter

It is deplorable that a faculty member would be terminated for the vague reasons cited in the article.

But the story left me wondering if perhaps some other information wasn't omitted from the article or from Prof. Graber's admissions.

I mean, even the thinnest pancake always has two sides.

For instance, as a self-proclaimed anarchist, Graeber cannot be entirely surprised that some faculty at  a decidedly anti-anarchist institution like an elite Ivy League university, with its love of hierarchy and status, might opt to take steps to deny him tenure.

Moreover, I have no idea how his scholarship has been evaluated by his peerson campus and off, nor what other actions Graeber may have initiated thatroiled, annoyed or angered his colleagues so much so that they decidedagainst having him remain a permanent colleague. Those things do count.

And why would he want to be at a university where a majority of his own departmental colleagues elect not to have him as their colleague?

I assume that as an anarchist Graeber will find freedom, liberation and peace of mind at being released from such a dogmatically elitist place as Yale with its hierarchical corruption and statist disorders.