Bayo Omolola  Baltimore, MD
Does the New World Bank Mean Business?

The new World Bank President, Paul Wolfowitz, has made a statement that gives Africa hope. If his statement is anything to go by, if it is not " mere sweet political talk," Africans in Africa and people of African descents all over the world should expect an unprecedented degree of development on the continent that colonialism, neo-colonialism, slavery, foreign intervention, exploitation by powerful countries, and so on and so forth, have reduced to an object that is always decorated or described with the words such as "backward, underdeveloped, war-torn." As good and promising as President Wolfowitz's statement is, there are many questions that the new president needs to answer. For example, Africans and people of Africa descent would like to have his response to the following questions, as his response to each question will show how serious he is about helping Africa to make progress and be on the path of development like other continents of the world.

1. What are his specific development plans for Africa?

2. How does he intend to carry out each plan?

3. How long will each plan take to bear fruit?

4. What does he intend to do about the debt that African countries owe?

5. What specific economic measures does he plan for Africa to transform the continent to a level that the world will be proud of?

6. How much does he plan for the development of African?

7. What new things does he intend to introduce in the administration of the World Bank?

8. What is his plan toward leading Africa to the acquisition of technological skills which can help the continent to make any meaningful development that marches the world standard today?

9. Will he stand against any external pressure that will divert his attention from helping African countries?

10. How does intend to carry Africans and people of Africa descent along?

11 How soon will he embark on his plan for Africa?