Dr. Bolaji Aluko writes:

Please note what Prof. Ezekoye points out is really PER CAPITA of
RICH PEOPLE, which means that on average the rich people in Latin
America and in Africa are ON AVERAGE 4 times and 2 times richer than
those in the rest of the geographical regions of the world.

Per Capita of RICH PEOPLE per region:
North America: 9.3 trillion / 2.7 million = $ 3.4 million
Europe: 8.9 trillion / 2.6 million = $ 3.4 million
Asia Pacific: 7.2 million /2.3 million = $ 3.1 million
Latin America: 3.7 trillion / 0.3 million = $ 12.3 million
Middle East:  1.0 trillion / 0.3 million = $ 3.3 million
Africa: 0.7 trillion / 0.1 million = $ 7 million

Let us call the ratio of the above for any given region to be R (for RICH).
What we will need to do for each region is to subtract the wealth of
the rich people in each region from the total wealth of that region;
subtract the population of these rich people from the rest of the
population of that region; and get a new wealth to population ratio -
let us call that P (for POOR).

We can then rank each region according to the ratio R/P - some kind
of quick and rough "Gini Index" - then my guess will be that
developing countries or regions in general will exhibit the highest
skewed distribution towards the rich.