Rev. Dr. A.A. Akrong responds to Ogbu Kalu's

The fundamental issue in the study of African Christianity especially the Charismatic variety is that the movement has general features that make it a unique expression of African Christianity. But at the same time it has local historical antecedents that give each local expression of charismatic a character. There has also been cross boundaries or transnational influences that show common stand trends. There is indeed an undeniable influence from Europe and American charismatic Movement. But by far its enduring character is its African cultural context and the use of African spirituality as its metaphysical structure for the appropriation of Christianity. Also as a dynamic Africa Movement within the context of globalization it is always changing its character, message and modes of appropriation and responses to the challenges of globalization.
The methodological problem for the study of the charismatic in Africa is that it has usually been studied from the point of view of positivistic oriented methods that reduce religion qua religion to its various expression, social, political economic etc. In this type of analysis the African World-view and spirituality that gives shape and meaning to these movements are ignored because of the methodological limitation of social science to deal with the reality of the transcendent as a irreducible and sui genris entity that forms the springs of human religious consciousness, life and activities.
What we need today is a gathering of African students and scholars of religion in Africa that would reflect on African Christianity and help us clarify our classifications, methodology, terminology, concepts and language for the study of Christianity in Africa.