E. S. Etuk:

I am writing in support of the comments made by A. B. Assensoh with
regard to ritual murders in Africa.  What is disturbing to me is the
official attitude of Africans and their leaders.  Some pretend that
ritual murders in Africa do not exist.  Others try to explain it away
as part of African tradition or custom which should not be
criticized, until one of theirs is the one sacrificed at the evil

Just before I traveled to Nigeria a few months ago (actually in
March), there were many articles in the Nigerian papers reporting the
shameful and disgraceful ritual murders taking place in several parts
of Nigeria.  Some of those murders were linked to the activities of a
certain state governor.  I was so disturbed that I spoke out in my
church in a sermon that I delivered titled, The Sacrifices Acceptable
Unto God."  I noticed that many in the congregation were relieved
that I took up the issue.

Africans who are able to speak out against heinous crimes and evil do
so at the risk of their lives.  That is why we all must applaud their
courage and support them.  Somebody had to begin the crusade against
slavery.  Somebody today has to wage a war against the trafficking of
young Africans girls and the prostitution into which they are dragged
in European and African cities.  Their humiliations and
dehumanization cry out to the high heavens.

And Africans, especially the intellectuals, must stop this nonsense
of keeping silent when a terrible crime is perpetrated against any
segment of the human society.  That Idi Amin got away with so much
genocide was partly because of the silence of us all.  May God help
us to be bold and courageous when we need to.  Brother Assensoh,