Catherine Coquery-Vidrovitch

> this series is the first time that a "cluster" of contemporary migrant intellectuals are identifying > and analyzing their concerns in an open dialogue.

I, not being a member of your diaspora, am very impressed by the question and Anthony Agbali's comments. I recently suggested to francophone African friends and colleagues, part of the diaspora in American universities, to try to join your "cluster" or, perhaps better, begin to work on their specific "cluster" (having not only to depart from Africa, but to change their cultural background and language) and what problems it questions. This is a real problem. Perhaps not so much for contemporary migrant intellectuals who play the role of as many bridges between the continents, but for their children or grand children, most of whom will become definitely American? My grandparents were Jewish Ukrainians,  they migrated at the very beginning of the century, and my Ukrainian (and Jewish) origin for me is just left as a myth of origin Š
Once more, and for the moment, the American melting pot still is victorious at last? But it is not reasonable to suggest that people have to be heroes for the whole of their lifesŠ