Rev. Agbali responds to Dr. Onyeani:

The points of Chika Onyeani maybe targeting appropriate issues but
the mode and manner of its articulations is prebendal. inchoate, and
shows a desperate attempt at trying to sell himself to the right
party, the existential and social order that privileges power.
Onyeani, like the old priests of the Ibinokpabi (the Arochukwu long
Juju) oracle and their merchant class can sell his own people for the
sake of momentary gratification, even at the pain of masking their
acts with religious idioms, and ordered as punishments for crimes.

Yes, the problem of the Black race is well known, yet many black
people have contributed toward the evolution of the present human
conditions, through their genuises and intellectual creativity, that
has enabled the invention of technological products.  Well, while
this might not have happened in countries of sub-saharan Africa, the
recent posting on this dialogue regarding Hamilton Nikki, serves to
be informative about how even African creative and intellectual
prowess can be hijkacked in crowning and making others.

Whatever, the agenda of Dr. Onyeani is, I think that some of his
assumptions are so skewed and far off target, even when his assumed
intentions is to direct attention to the global black conditions.
However, it is not by traumatizing problems that resolutions are
reached. Rather, I presume that true resolutions evolve from true
commitment to a cause.  Dr. Onyeani, and his like minded cohorts,
especially those regalling their presence in Western parliamentary
chambers in detesting the curbing of African debts and
curtailing western aids to African nations, should know that while
they are adept at making noises Africans in Africa are daily
attempting to triumph over their debilitating traumatizing problems
that affect their diurnal and nocturnal existence.  Dr. Onyeani may
be a good sell to feable minded people but not those who truly
attempt to help in resolving the African dilemma, through commitment
to a cause. Essentially, given that I presume that Dr. Onyeani,
might be Igbo, I would be truly happy how from his pedestal he has
helped in resolving the problematic of governance in Anambra State,
and the discord within the various Igbo groups, such as the Ohaneze,
the rancor between Okorie and Ojukwu of the APGA political party. Let
charity begin at or from home.

Dr. Onyeani must try at least to be like his kin, Olauda Equinox who
spoke, in spite of the conditions of his enslavement in glowing terms
of his native homeland and people. There is always something good
even in the most rotten and despoiled object.  Focusing on the
positive while working toward resolving the negatives within the
African polity, as well as the global Black communities of the
diaspora reflects a more worthy venture.