Dr. ashimuneze heanacho [All submissions are archived at: http://www.utexas.edu/conferences/africa/ads/index.html]

Nothing will be gained from a war between two or more Africans, even if it were just a contest of mere words. As Agbali will testify from his deep knowledge of the phenomenon of at Gethsemane, when Jesus, the Nazarene Carpenter perspired blood, extreme mental rigor of the sort Onyeani has threatened may eventuate in an actual "...blood-letting." But, what will it profit us, since, neither Agbali nor Onyeani will win? If anything, unless their contest becomes truly intellectual and unless it will result in an elucidation of the issues about which there is current disagreement, Africa will suffer the mutual annihilation of two promising "thinkers," who seem to have forgotten the true objective for this forum.

I propose, not a reconciliation, but a mutual discountenancing of whatever led to this sordid confrontation.

I hope that Agbali takes Onyeali's advice to Read thoroughly and EDIT what you write, before you submit it. Before these exchanges with Onyeali, you  posted three similarly rushed, unedited contributions, which task your readers and pain those, who know that you are capable of extraordinary scholarship. As a confessor, temper your chagrin with clerical compassion; do not send all sinners directly to hell without stopping at purgatory. Besides, every affront does not deserve a response, much less, a correspondingly hostile one!!

And Onyeali, allow the general public to learn from, appreciate, and thank or refrain from thanking you, for your "accomplishments" and "contributions" to Africa. The continent deserves you and your work, which must not be brandished like a sword, but must be offered as a humble service, if it is. Since you invoked Julius Caesar, "bury...don't praise...."