Dr. ashimuneze heanacho pleads to both  Chika Onyeani and Anthony Agbali:

There has to be peace within each one of us before there can be amity
among us. I implore you, Chika Onyeani, to exhibit tolerance. Do not
respond to Agbali or me. Enough filth has been strewn. Rest your
sword for the real war, which is not within or among us, but with
those with whom Africa and Africans must wrestle for a place in the
world. Let us expend our intellectual stamina contemplating why,
India, Taiwan village-size Singapore, Malaysia, the Phillipines, and
Thailand, which regained their independence about the same time as
African countries did, have out-achieved all African countries, in
terms of social, industrial, scientific, and economic development,
are more recognizable on the globe, today, than any African country,
and what we must do individually and collectively, to reverse
Africa's marginality. Henceforth, let us expend our energies to place
Africa at some significant location on the globe.

I implore both of you; yield to the demands of reason, maturity,
forebearance, and self-control.