Dr. ashimuneze K. heanacho enjoins us to love Africa:

Perhaps, it would serve Africa's and African people's interst, to be mindful that, 1) While numerous American and Euopeans wish to make Africa and Africans their foot-stool, Africa is not without some genuine, honest, well-meaning European and American well-wishers; 2) Geldof and multiple Europeans and Americans have done much more than I (an African) to serve Africa and African people, 3) there is a place for reparative pay-back for four centuries of slavery and for current, exploitive relations between Africa and Africans, and debt-forgiveness may be a legitimate beginning.

But, what shall we do to the kleptomaniacs and autocrats, who have ruled or continue to rule Africa and cart its resources to private bank accounts in Europe and America? Are they less guilty than the Europeans and Americans we love to castigate?

On another hand, how blameless are the people who elect and maintain in power, our thieving heads of state and politicians. How blameless am I, who do no more than criticise them?

There must be a better way to redirect Africa and I think that, in consonance with Mr. Kuti (Fela's son) it should begin with me, re-orienting my attitude, relations, and action toward Africa, as not just a map but a people. Change has to commence with me. Africa will not change completely, until I do.